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less waste, more economical,
better for the environment.

Rotational molding or moulding is a versatile process for creating many kinds of mostly hollow plastic parts. The phrase is often shortened to rotomolding or rotomoulding.

The process was developed in the 1940s but in early years was infrequently used as it was a slow process restricted to a small number of plastics. Over the past two decades, improvements in process control and developments with plastic powders have resulted in a significant increase in usage.

Process: The rotational molding process is a high temperature, low pressure plastic forming process that uses heat and biaxial rotation (i.e. rotation on two axes) to produce hollow, one piece parts.

The process does have distinct advantages. Manufacturing large, hollow parts such as the ROTOSPA Tub is much easier by rotational molding than any other method. Rotational molds are significantly more cost effective than other types of mold. Very little material is wasted using this process, and excess material can often be re-used, making it a very economically and environmentally viable manufacturing process.

The rotational molding process consists of four distinct phases:
Loading a measured quantity of polymer (usually in powder form) into the mold.

Heating the mold in an oven whilst it rotates, until all the polymer has melted and adhered to the mold wall. The length of time the mold spends in the oven is critical.

Cooling the mold, usually by fan. This stage of the cycle can be quite lengthy. The polymer must be cooled so that it solidifies and can be handled safely by the operator. The part will shrink on cooling, coming away from the mold, and facilitating easy removal of the tub.

​Removal of the tub from the rotational mold.

Quality Control Process
A vital part of how every ROTOSPA Hot Tub is made is Quality Control. Every aspect and component of your tub is rigorously tested during and after the entire manufacturing process.

Each manufacturing process is recorded, independently reviewed and passed or rejected by the next process team. This is done for every process on every tub not just on some random sample basis.

Every ROTOSPA is water tested by being fully filled with water not once but twice during the manufacturing process. Once when the jets are installed and once again when all the electronics and controller are in place.

This attention to quality ensures you that your ROTOSPA will give you years of trouble free use and enjoyment.